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Active Table is a web component built with a focus on delivering the best editable table experience possible.

It is a one stop shop for editable data features that are backed by an extensive API to allow you to customize a table that fits your needs.


Building a table structure with customizable editability features is no easy feat. This is a challenge that we took on with full force, delivering a table component that is a power-house of editability and an exposé of customization.

No two tables are ever the same, some require categorical data, some only allow partial augmentation, whilst others allow numerical data exclusively. The list of possible requirements is virtually endless, we get it and we are here for you. Whatever the requirements are the API that we are building hopes to help shape the table you need. This is why Active Table is continuously enriched with new features that aim to encapsulate your requirements.

Developer experience is paramount to our success, this is why the component is shipped in a cross-framework plug and play package for you to have it running in seconds! It is also no secret that the addition of more features can increase the API complexity - this is why we pay extra care and listen to our users' feedback to present an interface that provides the most intuitive and seamless experience when working with Active Table.

Open source

Open source is at the heart of what we do. Active Table is built by the community - for the community. All contributions to this project are welcome!

If you have any suggestions for enhancements, ideas on how to take the project further or have discovered a bug, do not hesitate to create a new issue ticket and we will look into it as soon as possible!